A Thin Blue Line Tribute
Officer Casey Kohlmeier and K9 Draco Officer Down Memorial Page
May 2015 Heidi H. contacted me with a special tribute blanket request for the mother of Fallen Officer Casey Kohlmeier and his K-9 partner Draco.  She shared with me a Thin Blue Line Graphic Logo that was created in his memory and asked if I would be able to design a Crochet Word Chart for her to crochet.  She wanted to give it to Casey's mom before the 2nd anniversary of his EOW.  Without any reservations, I said yes.

I receive requests for tribute blankets quite often. With all tribute blanket requests come a special story from the heart of the person requesting the blanket.  Most requests are for loved ones that have passed away, rather it be of old age or illness, or young ones that gained their wings too soon. Regardless of the request, each blanket that is made in return carries on the memory of the loved one it was designed for.  These type of requests stay near and dear to my heart.

Heidi shared photos with me around the events that took Casey and Draco's lives too soon.  While I have never met Casey or Draco, their story touched me deeply. The Thin Blue Line Family is huge.  When one officer has fallen, the loss is felt by many.  Behind every fallen officer is someone that loved them dearly and continues to love them long after their watch has ended.

I am a LEO-Wife.  I am part of that Thin Blue Line Family.  This tribute blanket was more than a request from Heidi.  It was a chance to pay tribute to Casey's family on behalf of my TBL Family.  It was an honor beyond words for me to do this for Heidi.

Below are the photos of Heidi presenting the finished tribute blanket to Casey's mom.  A long journey for Heidi that lasted 5 months in the making.  A special blanket for his mom to wrap up in and remember 2 of her favorite guys for a lifetime.